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Nikhil Mistry

Video Production

What happens when curiosity meets creativity?


Giving your audience a visual aid in what you do or what you sell

I have a product...

No point having a great product and no one can see it

Creative Planning

Working with you to get your message across to your audience

How about we try this...

Two heads are better than one when thinking of an idea

Social Media

Creating suitable content for suitable platforms

Engage younger people

Why not meet them where they are likely to be?

Brand Identity

Connecting you to your audience

This is who I am..

Let’s tell the people you want tell about the who, what and why

Value For Money

Making long and short play content

A picture is worth a thousand words

I’ll let you do the maths…

Purposeful Content

Content that is appropriate for your demographic

But what about dustbins?

If that’s what you are all about, sounds meaningful to me

About Me

Not just running around with a camera...

A Little About Me…

I have been in the video production business, with 4 years’ worth of experience. I am currently working as a Freelancer to help deliver a tailor-made experience for my clients that is oriented around their business needs and targets.

What can I offer?

I am not just a videographer or director.


It’s about working with you to get down to the nitty-gritty of what you want your message to be. I’m here to guide and inform as little or as much of the process as you need. From planning to pre-production, right down to the final edits and finishing touches.

Looking for value that will leave you smiling?

What Clients Say

  • A conscientious listener, attentive to your requirements and takes the time to understand what you mean are just a few of Nikhil’s great qualities!


    He is personable, easy to work with, and not scared to try out his creativity to add value and wow factor to your story! Every time I have had the opportunity to work with Nikhil, it has been an absolute pleasure. I have seen him start in his career and humbly blossom at every stage. He’s a credit to the industry and on his way to making it big!

    Saahera Mahomed
    LLEP Enterprise Coordinator
  • I’ve worked closely with Nikhil at TEDxLeicester and he’s an incredibly talented filmmaker and director. His creativity and problem solving nature earned him the ability to manoeuvre what seemed like a difficult situation with ease! I highly recommend working with Nikhil if you want to improve your overall production quality in all things digital filmmaking and photography. I look forward to working with him again!

    Mukthar Mohamoud
    Founder of Newny
  • Had the most enjoyable time working with Nikhil when filming our case study video with Newcastle City Council. We weren’t entirely sure how we wanted the video to look but Nikhil was very engaging, not only with us, but also our customer – they very much enjoyed the experience!


    I could not recommend Nikhil highly enough! Very creative, professional and has a bright future ahead of him. He’s one of those nice guys you meet in life!!!

    Andrew Crofts
    Director Of Business Development EMEA
  • Working with Nikhil was so simple and easy! I hardly come across anyone who takes the time to actively listen to deeply understand me and my requirements and concerns, and then be offered a solutions and alternatives.


    What that meant was I had creative input for the pros and cons of my proposed solution and other options that would make real world impact and difference.


    Nikhil is action oriented, no fuss no mess, “let’s get things done!”. If you want straight-talking professional, creative input and friendly advice that you won’t lose your shit over, I can not recommend Nikhil highly enough… just reach out, give him a call and find out for yourself!.

    Vijay Maru
    Woo Woo Coaching

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