3 main reasons why video is your solution

Why use animation?

Easily Accessible for All

Animation is a unique medium for expressing emotions and ideas for the benefit of a wider audience.


A resource-friendly way of managing your ideas. Animation allows for convenience and stream-lining of the creative process.


No venue. No hassle. No stress.


As your business grows, so does your content. Animation videos scale with your business. 


No need to re-film. Add, cut or adapt your content as your needs emerge and develop.

Proud Projects

Check out the case studies below for examples of animations I have created in the past;

Quick Example

Want to see what we could do together? Here's a sample to whet your appetite:


Nikhil is an excellent videographer with a keen eye for a strong visual, the professionalism to take (and enhance) direction and the creative confidence to fill in the gaps in a brief or script. He has an easy charm that puts people at ease in front of the camera and his positive, friendly, can-do attitude makes him an absolute pleasure to work with.


He doubles as an animator of growing proficiency and we were delighted with the explainer video he made for Nikhil takes great pride in his work and in promptly serving the needs of his clients – I look forward to working with him again soon.

David McAllisterBridge Of Hope - Freelance Writer

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