Janki Shah

Photographer/ Assistant


Hi, I’m Janki, a freelance photographer at Nikhil Mistry Video Production. I’ve always enjoyed picking up a camera and seeing what I can create, whether it’s using my phone or a DSLR. From candid captures to carefully composed shots, my role has allowed me to bring a unique perspective to the projects I’m involved with, including UOcean 2050 and Man with a Wok.

My story with Nikhil can be traced back to our college days when we first crossed paths and realised we shared not only a friendship, but a mutual appreciation for capturing life’s moments. He recognised the potential to develop my photography skills from my trusty phone to a professional camera and and encouraged me to take the switch.

Our collaboration truly blossomed through our involvement in the UOcean 2050 project, a charity initiative that resonates deeply with both of us. Together, we continue to explore new horizons and capture the beauty and significance of the world around us, one frame at a time. 

Let’s collaborate and transform your vision into a captivating visual narrative.

UOcean Leicester
Bolton Food Festival
UOcean Weymouth


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