Nikhil Mistry

Video Artist

Casting a spotlight on my journey, I am a dedicated videographer and filmmaker rooted in the heart of Leicestershire, specializing in the artistry of promotional, explainer, and animation videos.

For a span of over 5 years, my creative voyage has traversed the expanse of the UK, marked by collaborative ventures with renowned brands including the likes of NHS, Porsche, and an Amazon Prime Series. This journey has not only broadened my horizons but also cultivated a rich reservoir of experiences and skills that allow me to guide and support clients at every step of their video production odyssey – from the inception of ideas through meticulous pre-production planning, to the final embellishments in post-production.

Gopalbhai Mistry

Dedicated to one of the founders

My freelancing journey holds a deeply sentimental place in my heart, as it all began with the unwavering encouragement of my late grandfather. He was not only a source of inspiration but also a living testament to the spirit of entrepreneurship. For nearly seven decades, he ran his own carpentry business with dedication and passion. His belief in my ability to start and grow my own business was a precious gift, a torch he passed on to me. Though he’s no longer here, his legacy lives on in every step I take, reminding me of the resilience and determination that entrepreneurship represents.

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