Omita Gaikwad

Speaker and Executive Coach


Discovering Nikhil on LinkedIn was like finding a kindred spirit in the world of creativity and business. From the moment we connected, it was clear that we shared a vision for turning my idea of Pure Transformation, a platform for professional coaching sessions, into a reality. Nikhil, with his boundless enthusiasm, volunteered his precious time to breathe life into my project. He took charge of my website, expertly crafted videos and photos, and offered invaluable marketing insights and advice. Not only did I benefit from his expertise, but I also had the privilege of referring him to other clients who, like me, have come to rely on him as a videographer they can trust implicitly. Nikhil is the embodiment of what happens when curiosity meets creativity. He approaches every challenge with a relentless inquisitiveness and unwavering determination. His adaptability knows no bounds, and he consistently finds innovative ways to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Beyond his professional prowess, Nikhil is a truly wonderful person who I consider as one of my own and has a refreshing approach to his craft.

A message from Nikhil

To Omita, who holds a special place in my heart as one of my very first and most cherished clients in my freelancing journey. Your loyalty and continuous referrals have been the bedrock of my business’s growth, and I cannot thank you enough for placing your unwavering trust in me. Our collaborative projects have been nothing short of amazing, not only expanding my professional network but also introducing me to purposeful individuals who have enriched my journey. Beyond the professional realm, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing your incredible personal and professional growth. Your consideration of me as more than just a service provider, almost like a family member, and your genuine care and guidance have left a profound impact on me. Our connection goes beyond business; it’s a bond that I deeply treasure. Thank you, Omita, for your enduring support and for being not just a client, but a mentor, and a mother.

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