Vijay Maru

Marketing Expert


As the owner of my own marketing business, I found a remarkable collaborator in Nikhil. Our partnership has been marked by a two-way exchange of knowledge and creativity. I’ve had the privilege of imparting valuable insights into running effective social media campaigns and marketing strategies tailored specifically for video production, while simultaneously learning from Nikhil’s expertise. In return, I’ve extended my skills in graphic design to assist in crafting compelling visuals for Nikhil’s clients and videos for his website.

A Message from Nikhil

Thank you Vijay for your invaluable assistance and mentorship in the field of marketing. Your guidance and teaching have been instrumental in helping me acquire essential marketing skills that have not only benefited my business but have also played a pivotal role in its remarkable growth. Your expertise and willingness to share his knowledge have been a constant source of inspiration for me, particularly during the early stages of my business. Your contributions have significantly contributed to the scaling of my venture, and I’m deeply appreciative of his unwavering support and guidance throughout this journey.

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