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Easy Gigs’ primary mission is to establish a trusted music service that serves as a launching pad for aspiring musicians, providing them with a solid foundation in the industry.

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic posed a significant challenge. To navigate this uncertainty, we set out to craft a dynamic marketing strategy that could both identify potential target audiences and assess the market’s current landscape.

Amidst the challenges posed by COVID-19, a noteworthy revelation emerged: a preference for a nurturing and empathetic approach over a more direct and instructional method. Interestingly, the nurturing approach resonated particularly well with younger audiences, while older demographics showed a stronger response to the direct approach.

Our findings underscored the efficacy of a hybrid approach that seamlessly blends information and empathy. This successful fusion of strategies will serve as a cornerstone in our future marketing endeavors, with an emphasis on pinpointing and catering to specific sub-groups.

The versatility of this marketing strategy makes it adaptable to your business, allowing us to tailor our services precisely to your unique needs and objectives.


Nikhil and I had so much fun with the project we work together. His skills and expertise are amazing! He’s nice to work with, friendly, and thorough. He’s also a good advisor throughout all the process.

Asama Meedy Ornsri
MSc Business Management in the Creative Industries Graduate

Nikhil has been a fantastic aide for Easy Gigs and in just a short time he very quickly assisted with the production and direction of our advertising videos, which continue to draw in new people. He’s a very friendly, organised and dedicated professional that will be a massive benefit for your team.

Jakk Locke
Director of Easy Gigs
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