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SkillsPre-Production, Location Filming, Editing , Marketing
TypeMarketing Videos
PositionCreative Director

The Breakdown

Easy Gigs’ goal is to create a trusted music service designed to kick-start the careers of new or budding musicians and give them a foothold in the industry.


The Challenge

COVID-19 proved problematic, so we wanted to implement a flexible marketing strategy that would enable to both identify potential audiences and see the state of the market.


The 2020 Christmas Ad focuses on surveying people’s opinions on rebooting the music industry post-COVID, as well as their attitudes towards online learning or tutoring.


The marketing strategy focused on tailoring videos to 4 potential demographics. These were then posted to social media over a span of a few days to see the engagement and response through the metrics of click-through, views, comments etc.

 2 of the sample videos are showcased below:

The Outcome

During COVID we discovered that people favored a nurturing and understanding approach compared to the more instructional and direct method. The nurturing approach was more popular among younger audiences while older demographics responded better to the direct approach.


The best type of video was combining the approaches into a fusion of information and empathy. This will be carried forward into future marketing strategies where the focus will be on identifying specific sub-groups for focus.


This type of marketing strategy can be explored for use within your business and the service can be tailored to your specific business needs.

Don't just take my word for it...

Nikhil and I had so much fun with the project we work together. His skills and expertise are amazing! He’s nice to work with, friendly, and thorough. He’s also a good advisor throughout all the process.

Asama Meedy Ornsri
MSc Business Management in the Creative Industries Graduate

Nikhil has been a fantastic aide for Easy Gigs and in just a short time he very quickly assisted with the production and direction of our advertising videos, which continue to draw in new people. He’s a very friendly, organised and dedicated professional that will be a massive benefit for your team.

Jakk Locke
Director of Easy Gigs

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