Advertising and Promotional Videos
SkillsLocation Filming, Marketing
TypeAdvertising and Promotional Video

The Breakdown

I was referred to Fireaway by word of mouth from a third party. The client needed an engaging marketing strategy to help increased reduced sales due to the impact of COVID. I introduced them to the idea of social platforms, videos and social media advertising as a means of promoting their business.


The project consisted of collaboration from myself in the form of videos, combined with promotional discounts from the company in order to help boost the level of sales.


The videos helped highlight their unique selling points. Chief among them being the speed of both order assembly and delivery, as well as the high level of customer satisfaction.

The Outcome

All content created was posted on the relevant social media channels which helped increase in-store traffic and sales.


Adverts were tested and monitored over a month, causing a slow increase in store footfall and a bigger interest in the shape of phone-call orders and internet searches for the business.

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