Ravi – Is this the Night

Project Detail

Avi reached out to me with a vision—to craft a behind-the-scenes video for his song, ‘Is This the Night.’ As we delved into this creative endeavor, I had the privilege of capturing the essence of his musical process, documenting the passion, dedication, and artistry that brought his song to life. Together, we unraveled the intricate layers of his creative journey, revealing the magic that unfolds behind the scenes. It was a harmonious fusion of music and visual storytelling, a project that allowed us to share the artistic process with the world, inviting audiences to immerse themselves in the creation of ‘Is This the Night.’

Behind the scenes

Throughout our collaborative journey, Avi Odessa and I not only nurtured a professional partnership but also forged a genuine friendship. Our shared passion for creativity and artistry brought us closer, transcending the boundaries of the project itself. It underscored the profound importance of supporting local artists like Avi and the invaluable role they play in enriching our local communities with their talent and vision. As advocates for the vibrant tapestry of local talent, we believe in the transformative power of collaboration, fostering a sense of unity and pride within our community. Together, we continue to champion the creative spirit that thrives within our local artists, recognising their unique ability to inspire and uplift, and celebrating the incredible richness they bring to our cultural landscape.


I’ve repeatedly work with Nikhil because from start to finish he is clear, responsive and delivers a good end product.

We met through another client of his, as I was looking for a photographer and videographer and he came highly recommended by them.

On each project that we’ve worked on he has delivered exactly what we discussed to an excellent standard. Nikhil is beyond professional through the whole process and I’d recommend his services to anyone.

Rachel Corker-Brown
Design and Production

‘IS THIS THE NIGHT’ was a big project for me, as it was my first one so I wanted everything to be captured from the beginning. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to do this.

He really LISTENED to my story and what i wanted my viewers to see. I was able to TRUST him with what he was capturing and in that he had opportunity to be great creative in his own way.

From rehearsal to the actual shoot day Nikhil’s same excitement and enthusiasm continued brightening the atmosphere on set. He was always prepared for anything that challenged him and used all his skills to making sure the final product was perfect. He created something so magical, from how the story flows in dialogue to all the clips he captured it’s actually genius. He’s really invested into his craft and the equipment that he use’s show how much he really cares about his work and how passionate he is about it. I believed in his work and he didn’t disappoint.

I would really recommend Nikhil Mistry – Video Production, he is an all round creative.

Avi Odessa
Musician and Fashion Stylist / Designer
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