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BBC Good Food 2023

My exhilarating day at BBC Good Food alongside the renowned TV chef and author, Kwoklyn Wan, was a whirlwind of culinary excitement. As I trailed alongside him, my camera in hand, I had the privilege of capturing the very essence of his craft as he performed live on stage, effortlessly weaving his culinary magic before a captivated audience. Beyond the tantalizing dishes he prepared, I documented the moments of connection and interaction with his fans and peers. Kwoklyn’s charisma shone through not only in his culinary prowess but also during his interviews, where he shared his culinary wisdom and passion with a wider audience. It was a day brimming with gastronomic delights and an authentic glimpse into the world of a true culinary maestro.

Bolton Food Festival 2023

Our culinary adventure extended beyond BBC Good Food to the vibrant Bolton Food Festival, where Kwoklyn, Janki and I were granted exclusive media passes, granting us unprecedented access to all the culinary delights on display. From capturing the sizzle of street food stalls to the artistry of chefs crafting delectable dishes, our cameras were a gateway to documenting the festival’s gastronomic wonders.


We dined on mouthwatering creations, met passionate food artisans, and mingled with fellow food enthusiasts. It was a day of delectable discoveries, shared laughter, and forging connections with remarkable people who shared our love for all things culinary. Backstage, we had the privilege of witnessing the festival’s inner workings, gaining insight into the tireless efforts that make such events a resounding success. Our culinary journey wasn’t just about food; it was a celebration of flavors, culture, and the camaraderie that comes from the shared love of gastronomy.

The Remarkable Colleagues I Work Alongside

Project Contributors


We’ve worked with Nikhil on several occasions now and have always found him to be reliable, professional in his approach, knowledgeable with the equipment and tech side of things, fully engaged in the projects, a team player and has some really valid input for the creation of content with a real eye for detail. We shall continue to work with him on future productions and can not recommend him highly enough. He shall and always will be our go to tech advisor.

Team Nikhil 😉

Kwoklyn Wan
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