NHS Hereford & Worcestershire ICB

A Regional project between NHS Herefordshire and Worcestershire & Wye Valley NHS Trust

This nine-month endeavour focused on a critical mission—to recruit Healthcare Support Workers. It was a project of immense importance, aimed at bolstering the healthcare workforce and ensuring the provision of quality care to the community. Over the course of this project, I witnessed first-hand the dedication and passion of healthcare professionals in the NHS and their commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of patients. It was a rewarding journey that highlighted the essential role of Healthcare Support Workers in our healthcare system and reinforced the significance of collaborative efforts in achieving our common goals.

From the Beginning

During this regional project, I had the privilege of working closely with the directors, Chris and Lindsay, to build a comprehensive marketing strategy from the ground up. Together, we engaged in thoughtful discussions, carefully considering their existing brand identity and how we could enhance it while maintaining familiarity. Our strategy was meticulously tailored to target their specific audience effectively, ensuring that our message resonated with those we aimed to reach. We were committed to creating content that not only captured the essence of their mission but also aligned seamlessly with their existing brand image. It was a collaborative effort fuelled by a shared vision to recruit dedicated Healthcare Support Workers and continue delivering exceptional care to the community.

How we progressed

Throughout our collaboration, we engaged in a series of dynamic interactions that revolved around diverse facets of their target audience, including those interested in apprenticeships and individuals seeking a fresh career path in healthcare. Flexibility was key, as we continuously adapted our marketing tactics to address specific needs and effectively reach these distinct groups. The result was not just a collection of individual videos but rather a comprehensive library of reusable content. This valuable resource would not only empower their website but also serve as a compelling asset for presentations and various promotional activities. It was a testament to our shared dedication to crafting a multifaceted and adaptable marketing approach that could make a lasting impact on recruitment efforts.


It has been a great pleasure to work with Nikhil (https://nikhilmistry.co.uk/) on a systemwide project
for Herefordshire and Worcestershire Integrated Care System creating a series of animation videos
across several health and social care partners.

Nikhil was very flexible in his approach to this piece of work and kept us informed of progress on a
regular basis.

Chris Wood
Associate Director of Education/OD

He guided us through the technical aspects of film making and provided easy to use templated to
create scripts.
The project has been very successful with the development of 10 animations which can be used a
number of ways to bolster recruitment campaigns across the two counties.
Feedback from stakeholders and new recruits has been positive and we would highly recommend his
company to others wishing to develop resources.

Lindsay Ashworth
Workforce Planning Lead
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