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From NHS Receptionist to NHS Filmmaker

I’ve progressed to collaborating with the NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups, where I actively contribute to the creation of informative and engaging videos across Leicester, Leicestershire, and Rutland. This journey has allowed me to combine my passion for healthcare and multimedia expertise to support the NHS in delivering vital information to the community.

01 - COVID Vaccine Videos

Collaborating with the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG), we undertook an extensive video production project, ensuring wide accessibility across diverse platforms. These videos were thoughtfully crafted to accommodate various languages and included subtitles, including British Sign Language (BSL).


The video content addressed crucial topics such as vaccine information and lockdown measures, aimed at alleviating any confusion caused by the frequent changes in restrictions. This series of videos was strategically designed to be released in conjunction with any updates to restrictions, providing the community with timely and accurate information.

02 - Inhaler Videos

Following a successful streak of previous collaborations, I had the privilege of continuing our partnership with the NHS on another vital project. This time, our objective was to create an informative and instructional video aimed at educating patients about the proper usage of inhalers and helping them determine which inhaler suited their needs best. The goal was to provide valuable information not only for the NHS’s social media channels but also to be distributed to GP surgeries across Leicester, ensuring that patients had easy access to this essential guidance. It was a fulfilling project, knowing that the video would play a crucial role in enhancing patient care and healthcare awareness in our community.

03 - Bowel Screening Videos

My collaboration with the NHS extended to a crucial series of Bowel Screening videos that were designed to cater to diverse ethnic backgrounds. We undertook the ambitious task of filming these informative videos in multiple languages, ensuring that they were accessible and relatable to a wide range of communities. The objective was to launch a mini campaign, specifically targeting certain GP practices, to assess the potential impact of these videos. It was a project driven by the commitment to make essential healthcare information more inclusive and accessible, and I was honored to be part of an initiative that aimed to improve healthcare awareness and outcomes in our diverse community.

The Remarkable Colleagues I Work Alongside

Project Contributors


Nikhil has been a delight to work with, as a communicator it’s so refreshing to work with a freelancer that is not only willing to listen to our ideas but then to bring his creativity, experience and knowledge to help us bring the project together and deliver an outstanding end result. Nikhil is forever the professional and has always met our deadlines and has always gone above and beyond to help us even when faced with delays due to set backs outside of our control.

We have worked with Nikhil for a few months now and I can honestly say that he has become an extension to our team, he is professional, reliable and approachable and we look forward to working with him on other projects in the future.

Jay Mistry
Communications Team
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