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The Breakdown

Below is a series of videos called ‘Stories of Change’, which is about survivors of abuse sharing their journey and life before Quetzal and the impact the charity has had.

Team Up with Quetzal

Quetzal and I decided to collaborate for Quetzal’s campaign of raising awareness for their charity in order to help the continued support of survivors of sexual abuse, both by spreading their message to attract more attention and in order to gain more backing.


Quetzal requested a series of videos and social media clips in order to share their message in Leicester. We decided to bring in Accalia productions to assist in the project’s pre-production, filming and editing. Animation was also a key component in creating a successful campaign that met Quetzal’s needs.


The team was happy and satisfied with the quality of the production, with the final product being short, snappy and direct in its message, helping to captivate the audience’s attention.


The team at Quetzal was so excited to share the videos with the public that they wanted to host an opening ceremony featuring all the created videos, live-streaming them on Zoom for their premiere.

Nikhil Attempts... a 12hr Charity Gaming Broadcast

I like to support charities and decided to spot-light Quetzal for the incredible work they do in my last charity stream. I have seen first-hand all the amazing support and advice they offer to the people they work with and thought they really deserved to have their message heard.


I feel the work they do is important and shouldn’t be overlooked so, instead of focusing on larger charities, I wanted to focus on someone who was doing good in the wider local community of Leicester and Quetzal fit the bid perfectly!


I played a series of games over the 12-hour period and successfully raised £272 for the charity.

Don't just take my word for it...

Professional, Creative, Friendly and Efficient are some of the words that come to mind when thinking of Nikhil Mistry. The videos produced were wonderful and we’ve received amazing feedback from all our partners. I encourage all charities in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland to collaborate with Nikhil on a project to showcase your work in the best of light.

Dr Marie Lefebvre
Development Officer

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