Quetzal – Break the Silence Initiative

Joining forces with Quetzal was a collaborative decision aimed at bolstering their charitable campaign, dedicated to providing ongoing support to survivors of sexual abuse. Our objective was twofold: to amplify their message for increased awareness and to garner more support for their cause.


Quetzal’s vision encompassed a series of impactful videos and social media clips to disseminate their message within the Leicester community. To bring this vision to life, we enlisted the expertise of Accalia Productions, who played a crucial role in the project’s pre-production, filming, and editing phases. The integration of animation proved instrumental in crafting a compelling campaign tailored to Quetzal’s specific needs.


The end result was met with great enthusiasm and satisfaction from the team, as the final product delivered concise, attention-grabbing messaging to captivate the audience effectively.


Such was the excitement within the Quetzal team that they envisioned an inaugural event to unveil these videos to the public. They opted for an opening ceremony, during which all the created videos would premiere via a live Zoom stream, eagerly anticipating the impact these visuals would have on their cause.

The Counselling Process

Back once more, embarking on an exciting new project. In the words of Quetzal:


“Quetzal partnered with Nikhil Mistry Video Production to craft a trilogy of videos and four compelling social media clips.


These videos serve to elucidate Quetzal’s mission, from shedding light on their essential services to demystifying the referral process, ultimately culminating in the crucial counseling stage. They also express heartfelt gratitude to the generous funders and supporters who make Quetzal’s mission possible. Their contributions enable Quetzal to extend invaluable free support to female survivors of childhood sexual abuse within our community.”

Giving back is just as important

I have a strong passion for supporting charitable causes, and during my last charity stream, I chose to shine a spotlight on Quetzal due to the incredible impact they have in our community. Having personally witnessed the exceptional support and guidance they provide to those they assist, I felt compelled to amplify their message.

I believe in the significance of their work, and I was determined to ensure that their efforts in the Leicester community received the recognition they deserve, focusing on their meaningful contributions rather than the size of the charity. Throughout a 12-hour gaming marathon, I engaged with my audience and, thanks to their generosity, successfully raised £272 in support of Quetzal’s vital mission.


Professional, Creative, Friendly and Efficient are some of the words that come to mind when thinking of Nikhil Mistry. The videos produced were wonderful and we’ve received amazing feedback from all our partners. I encourage all charities in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland to collaborate with Nikhil on a project to showcase your work in the best of light.

Dr Marie Lefebvre
Development Officer
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