TEDx Leicester

Promotional and Event Videos

The Breakdown

I initially volunteered for TedxLeicester at college when I was interested into doing video work.


I went into the experience with an open mindset and met Siddhi, the then Director and Alan, the then License Holder. When I told them I wanted to go into video production, they introduced me to Dan Lamoon, a Film-maker who had already been in the business for a while. Together, we created a series of advertisements that helped drive ticket sales to the 2016 event Every Journey Matters.


Little did I know that same Film-maker would then become my employer.

ClientTEDx Leicester
SkillsIllustration, Logo Design, Animation, Location Filming, Editing, Producing, Directing
TypePromotional and Event Videos
PositionTechnical Director

The Journey

That one event catapulted me into working as the Technical and Creative Director for TEDxLeicester, working alongside Siddhi and a small team to help deliver action-packed feature events with an assortment of filmed content to boot.

TEDx Leicester Every Journey Matters

This event was designed to explore the variety of fascinating stories that make up the fabric of Leicester’s rich and diverse heritage.

TEDx Leicester Salons

Salons consisted of independent forum-like events designed to be more intimate, hosted events to get an interesting debate started so as to involve a variety of people.

TEDx Leicester Bold and Brilliant

This event was a showcase of the successes of leading women in industry. We had an amazing turnout with a good selection of powerful speakers.

Don't just take my word for it...

Nikhil is always a pleasure to work with and a truly creative spirit who always endeavors to use out-of-the-box thinking in finding solutions to problems. Nikhil works tirelessly to ensure all parties in a project leave satisfied and that all their immediate needs are met. He is a people-oriented person that puts the needs of his clients and colleagues above his own. I cannot sing his praises enough!

Kacper Kawczynski
Freelance Copywriter

It’s been a pleasure and a delight to have Nikhil take charge and oversee the executive production for TEDxLeicester. Nikhil’s creative flair and spark of energy is exactly what is needed to be part of the TEDxLeicester team Furthermore, Nikhil’s eye for detail and quality production meets the highest quality and output demanded by TED. Nikhil is a joy to work with and a huge asset to our team.

Siddhi Trivedi
Director and Licence Holder TEDxLeicester

Nikhil is a pleasure to work with, has an outstanding ethic and is the heart of any team. He ensures everyone around him is doing well before checking himself, a quality not afforded in many. He is highly expert in his industry, knowledgeable and works hard to keep learning and contributing to the world around him. Nikhil is a valuable asset in any team and I was privileged to work with him, I look forward to the next big thing Nikhil does!

Naseera Esat
TEDx Leicester Volunteer

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