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Bespoke Garden & Landscaping Design for Homes Across the Midlands.

The Garden Design Co. approached me with a specific objective in mind: to develop compelling testimonial videos. Recognizing that their satisfied customers held the key to endorsing, promoting, and selling their products, they also aimed to build an archive of client testimonials for future reference.


To achieve these objectives, we devised a comprehensive strategy. Our approach involved conducting on-site interviews with past clients within the lush settings of their own gardens. These interviews served as persuasive evidence for potential clients, showcasing the quality of the Garden Design Co.’s work.


We created concise testimonial clips that delved into the details of the service, effectively conveying the depth of each individual’s satisfaction with both the customer service and the final product. Additionally, these clips were tailored for use on the company’s social media platforms, strategically enhancing their website’s overall structure and directing traffic back to the main site.

The Butterfly Effect of Projects

Initiatives like this offer a budget-friendly approach to building robust brand recognition, cultivating high-quality client prospects, and constructing a reservoir of reusable content meticulously designed to serve your business’s long-term objectives.


If this aligns with your interests and objectives, I’m here to assist in customizing a strategic plan and crafting content that not only conserves your valuable time but also enables you to allocate your resources effectively in other areas.


Nikhil simply has this innate way of understanding exactly what you want. He’s fantastic with our clients, a pleasure to work with, and creates beautifully engineered footage that captures such personality and emotion. Nikhil is patient with both our clients and us as a team and will not stop until he gets the right footage and audio… Incredible talent and I would highly recommend Nikhil to anyone looking for quality, emotive and powerful videography.

Jodie Fedorko
Soft Landscape Designer
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