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The Breakdown

The UOcean Project® is a mission to remove #1billionkilos of marine pollution (plastic) by 2030. Their motto ‘CLEAN, PROTECT and RESTORE’ showcases how the company creates, establishes and implements plastic clean-up across the UK. 


My role in helping the charity is through volunteering to help pick up plastic alongside other eco-warriors and to photograph the events that take place, to mainly spread awareness through social media. 

SkillsLocation Filming, Editing
TypePromotional Material

A helping hand for the team

My main role, taking photos and videos, helps the charity in promoting who they are, what they do and why they do it. The content I help create is more focused on the impact and the people that help to reduce the plastic waste. With each photo taken, there is a deeper story within. Charities can use this storytelling aspect for their presentations, talks and shows – not just for social media. 



Collaborating with the locals

Working with third-party companies and doing white label work has been a part of my job since the beginning.


I cooperated with another local photographer, Scott (@who_is_scottb), who is based in Leicester and London, while working with UOcean. Three members of the public, Molly, Maisie, and Luke, were also introduced to me. They agreed to let me photograph them for UOcean and I was able to capture some of the photographs you see on this page with them.


Within a short space of time, it has now come to the point (like with all previous clients) where charities (just like this) and corporations are content for me to represent their organisation on their behalf.


Don't just take my word for it...

Nikhil works with us on The UOcean Project media and is very reliable, adaptive, creative and most of all, a genuinely nice guy.

His photography and videography skills are some of the best we have encountered and we 100% recommend his media services.

Keep up the great work Nikhil and feel free to use us as a reference if anybody requires one, which Im sure they won’t as your work speaks for itself.

Chris Desai
National Project Co-ordinator at The UOcean Project®

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